Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for Change

As I reflect back on my last 21 years of teaching, I can only wonder what lies ahead for me and my students. The last 7 years have completely changed the way I teach and deliver content to my students. I would like to say that Twitter had a significant role in that change, along with other tools like Edmodo and Pinterest. My blog has included links, sites, and tools that educators can use in their classrooms. But being in a bilingual classroom now for 3 years, I have gained a very different perspective on what it really means to "educate" students today, especially those whose resources are limited beyond measure. So my blog will focus on how 21st century technology can inspire bilingual students to become innovators for the future and maybe for all learners who fall under this category. I may on occasion throw in a few links that I think may benefit your students or classroom. But my goal will be to show how bilingual/ ELL/ESL students CAN be tomorrows future!