Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blogging With Author Bryan Chick

This past year my class had the pleasure of skyping with author Bryan Chick. I discovered his "Secret Zoo" series through a connection on Edmodo. I began reading his books this past year to my class and my students fell in love with the books. These books stemmed various technology activities from Voicethreads, to creating QR codes for their favorite character to making a book trailer for his first book. He was so excited about the project that he featured the movie on his Secret Zoo Facebook page. The students were so excited and he became our most favorite author in the world!! The students and I began looking at various sites on how to make book trailers and stumbled across a gold mine of resources. One of our favorite sites was Book Trailers For All, where most of our ideas came from. I began introducing Animoto and how to upload photos, video, music, etc, to the students as we worked on various small projects through out the year. Students had practiced how to storyboard prior to this activity so I let the students choose which group they wanted to be in: photos, music, typing content, and looking for transitions. They worked in these groups for about 2 weeks and finally put it all together. Each day I would let them work in their group using lap tops. They were pretty savy by this time of year so they had no problems. Here is the finished product! This was a group effort to make one book trailer. My goal is for each student to make their own book trailer this next coming year! Here is the link.