Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Degree of Connectedness

I remember when I first started using Twitter and how I was going to use this tool to help me connect with other educators...it has been life changing for my professional career as an educator. I ran across this article which shares the levels or degrees of connectedness one may ask of themselves and where they are professionally. I can honestly say that my professional career as an educator has been transformed by using twitter as a tool for sharing ideas, gathering data and tools that would help a 21st century educator become for proficient in utilizing these tools for their classroom. I have traveled through the 7 degrees of connectedness and I find myself toggling back and forth through all 7 depending on the nature of the assignment or the people that I happen to be working with on my campus. This graphic could be a great way to survey staff to get a feel for where teachers are technology wise and those who may have a little more connectedness. Here is the link to the article and a great blog to follow as well.