Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Tweeting We Shall Go!!

One of my goals this year, as I continue on this journey of infusing 21st century technology learning in my classroom, is to Tweet with other 2nd-3rd grade classrooms from around the country. I use my own Twitter account for PD 24/7. So this year, I set up my own class Twitter account to connect my students globally and socially. I started by asking my students what were some exciting things or events that happened at school this week or something neat they learned in class. So I had two volunteers who wanted to tweet what they thought was a highlight event of the week. I created a class account for my students @lackeysloopers so that I would still have some control over the tweets that would come in. I then asked teachers on my personal account who had their own class Twitter account if they would be interested in "tweeting" with my students and the response was great. The students ask me to check every morning if we have any new tweets in our feed to reply too. They get very excited when someone replies back to us. Here are the "tweets" that went out on Friday! We would love to have other classes join us @lackeysloopers