Tuesday, November 13, 2012

QR Code Template for The One and Only Ivan

Well, we finally finished the book "The One and Only Ivan".  The students did not want the story to end and neither did I. I then began sharing videos from YouTube on the real Ivan so that the students could make that connection to the character in the book. Yet the story is fictional, Ivan was real! I also shared with my students that the real Ivan had passed away this past summer and they were very sad. I also shared videos of Shirley the elephant who was separated from her companion almost 25 years ago and were reunited after all those years. These were found on YouTube part 1 and 2 and showed the relationship between Shirley's caretaker and his last goodbyes as he bathed her for the last time. So we began to brainstorm ways to honor the real Ivan and what we could do to teach the community about endangered animals. So now we wait but in the meantime, here is the template I created in google docs and shared with my students to begin their research on the animal they chose.