Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bringing in the Expert

Mr. G...Our Very Own Music Teacher

Landform Project Final Touches

As we continue our Landforms project, I thought of who could best show my students how to customize their own music in Garage Band? Only one person comes to mind. I have the honor and privilege of working with a very talented music teacher, and I mean talented, Mr. Justin Griffith. His list of talents are many and I happen to know a few of his musical talents as well. So I popped into his classroom one morning and asked him if he could show my students how to customize/select their own music in Garage Band using the ipad. Without any hesitations, he said "yes mam", I would love too! So about two days after our little chat, he came in and sat right down and began showing the students the little tricks and tips of Garage Band and  its many cool features. I, myself, learned a few of those tricks that I had not been aware of. He was in my room about 20-25 minutes (his conference time) and left. The students quickly began customizing their recordings without any problems and some even started all over after he had showed them all the various instruments in Garage Band. They were pretty excited! Who knows, maybe bringing in this expert will spark a little creativity on our next project. Thank you Mr. G. for sharing your knowledge of music with my students and for giving up part of your conference time. We hope to share a few of our Keynotes with you.