Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Show Time...Student Created Keynote's Using iPads

And Action...

Our Keynote projects have been completed! Here are several samples of the student created Keynotes. Keynotes were converted to Quicktime Movies so that the sound file would be attached. I am so proud of their work and the students learning through this whole process. We tackled many apps and and the workflow was an amazing journey as students learned how to put it all together. Our final steps getting to this point:

  • Emailed Keynote to me using their gmail account (so I can convert Keynote)
  • They uploaded their Keynote into their google drive (to store electronically)
  • Teacher converted each Keynote to a Quicktime in iMovie (for sound file)
  • Students will upload quicktime to Edmodo. Teacher will share quicktime movies with students in google docs (hope this works) and students will upload to Edmodo by opening in another app 

Rubric used for this project also included with this post: