Saturday, October 5, 2013

4Pics1Word...Word Association App

I continue my search for apps that will help my students become more familiar with the English language in a bilingual classroom. Last year, one of our tutoring teachers on my campus came across a great app that helps with word associations. I am always on the hunt for apps that will help build their English vocabulary and make it fun at the same time. This app, "4Pics1Word" is a hangman type game where students must find what all four pictures have in common. They are given a certain time to unscramble the letters to make a word. The students collects a certain amount of coins if they need to use them when they get in a bind. I love this app as I use it in my Daily 5 Rotations under Working With Words. I have the students write their "new words" in their writing journal that they have learned. This is a great way to build their bank of vocabulary words and use these words in their daily writing.