Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Explain This, Explain That, Explain Everything!!

I'm excited to finally be posting a few student samples of our big project using our favorite app "Explain Everything". This project started back in early October with the help of one of our district technology specialist Ann Witherspoon. The process took about two months working through all the logistics of how it was all going to come together. Pre-planning was necessary to be able to understand the workflow on our part. But what the students created and what they learned was AMAZING! This year, I transformed my classroom into a "virtual environment" that would foster this kind of learning. I have no desks and no chairs and lots of "learning spaces" throughout my classroom. This kind of environment fosters creativity that is essential in mobile device learning. It has allowed the students to have lots more freedom for collaboration and exploration in a safe and risk free environment. Our unit was dinosaurs so I began reading fiction and non fiction books on dinosaurs to begin building their vocabulary and background knowledge.

  • The students selected a dinosaur to research after books were read. 
  • Students then used the website Facts4Me to gather their research information. 
  • I created a google form of questions for students to answer that would later be used on their slides in Explain Everything. 
  • Ann uploaded the google form and the website links to my science loopers group in Edmodo.
  • The students toggled back and forth between the website/google form on their iPad to copy/paste their research
  • Ann then created  a google presentation of the dinosaur slides to share with the students in google drive. 
  • The slides were uploaded into Explain Everything from their google drive where the students began their annotations and recordings.
  • Project was uploaded to teachers Youtube channel directly from the app where parents can see their final product and give feedback to their child's work if subscribed to the channel.
Two months later the students have created their first "big" project using an amazing app that allows students to be creative in a virtual classroom. The students would love to hear any feedback you may have on their videos posted on my channel.