Friday, April 10, 2015

Chrome Books in a 3rd Grade Class

How It All Started

When I decided to redesign my classroom 3 years ago, I had a longterm vision of how that was going to look and what kinds of challenges that was going to bring. But I was ready to face those challenges at no cost. Three years ago, my classroom became a 1:1 iPad digital hub. The excitement of redesigning my classroom brought new ideas and learning and also transformed me as an educator. The students I had this year were also with me last year so this would be my first group of students who would have the opportunity to use a mobile device for 2 years. The prior group had the opportunity to use the iPads when they were first introduced as part of our "project launch" initiative program in our district. I had a suspicion that this group would bring a new kind of learning to our that required little instruction on my part. Thus the Chrome book came to life!

The Chrome Book Was Added

Each year as a bilingual teacher, we are given a certain amount of monies to use towards our classroom to add to our resources that would enhance student learning. So last year, I ordered three Chrome books and the students have proved that this device has helped connect their learning to the iPad. The use of their "google drive" on a daily basis has transferred that learning to the Chrome book in a way that requires less instruction from me and more time on task for them. I have discovered that the language being used on how to manage the google tools on the iPad is very similar to the language required for the Chrome book. The students know exactly what Chrome book extension apps to use because they have seen or used them on their iPad. This makes the learning transferable and more effective for me as an educator. I spend less time teaching or trouble shooting and more time facilitating their learning. What a wonderful problem to have! 

The Chrome Book in Action

During the the day, my students rotate through their Daily 5 stations in Language Arts and Math. The students use their iPads and the Chrome books throughout these rotations. My students love to work together in groups or with a partner so this helps other students that are less technology savvy with any problems they may be having. Its great to see these mobile devices being used hand in hand. The students are able to move around my room wherever they need to go to work on their project or lesson that I have created for them. Here are a few examples of the students working in groups or with a partner throughout the day. I will continue to add as many Chrome books as possible each year so that my students will continue their digital learning!