Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Its A Brand New Year of Digital Learning

What's New

Its another brand new year of digital learning with my new group of 2nd graders. Over the summer, I made a list of "new" apps that I had not used last year and I came across an app called Classkick. I had heard about it through other teachers in my district using it in their classrooms in various ways. So here we are, a brand new year of digital learning and we have already downloaded the app on our iPads and have seen its potential in my classroom! 

How I Plan To Implement in My Classroom

One of the best ways I see implementing this app is through small group instruction in all subject areas and through mini lessons depending on subject matter. In math, I work with several small groups each day to check for understanding of content being learned. This app allows me to spend more time with struggling learners who may need more remediation or one on one instruction. I love how a teacher can give immediate feedback to students who show mastery and also encourage those students who seem to be inactive. The learning is in real time and that's what I love about this app. When students are struggling, they have the option to ask for help by tapping on the "hand" which a teacher can see immediately. Teachers can give stickers or give positive feedback by showing them right there on their work. Love this feature! Images can also be uploaded to focus on vocabulary. It also allows teachers the opportunity to create interactive lessons. This is what my students love the most, being able to interact with me and share their work with others. What a great way to learn! But my favorite feature is the "recording" feature which allows me to speak in a different language for those students who may need content being presented in their native language. I have not explored the use of this app with Classroom Google but that gets me even more excited as our district provides these tools for our teachers. Its a great tool that I know my students and I will benefit from greatly this year. I hope to be a more effective teacher and engage students in a more meaningful way by using Classkick!  Happy Classkicking!