Sunday, February 11, 2018

It Has Been An Exciting Year

It has been awhile since my last post. Many things have happened in my district this 2017-2018 school year. I promised myself and my readers that I would continue to blog but I have failed to do so this year. So let me just share a few of the exiting things that have happened.

First and the most exciting news is that our district went 1:1 with almost 9,000 devices rolled out at the beginning of the year ( may be lower ). PreK-5th grade were issued iPads and 6th-12th were issued MacBook Airs. It was a very exciting start to the new school year and the students were super excited!! Our leadership team worked very hard along all the technology support staff in making sure that the deployment was a huge success and it was!!

But with all this technology at the hands of students and teachers, it meant one thing, teachers were going to need lots of professional development throughout the year to establish good digital citizenship skills for our students and staff. It has been a great year of planning, collaborating and creating a sense of cohesiveness throughout our entire district. Teachers planning and working together in teams across the district has been a great way for teachers to all be so to speak "on the same page". With great leadership at the highest level, our students have already benefitted greatly. I have seen a sense of community among students, working collaboratively in teams, supporting each other and helping those who may need a little more support with technology. 

So what kinds of things have been happening in my classroom this year with technology? In the next few post, I will highlight our favorite apps and tools that have been big game changers. I will share examples, lesson ideas and templates that were created by one of our technology specialist in our district +Melodi Kunn . Teachers across the district are designing lessons that foster collaboration, teamwork, peer tutoring and so much more. Students are excited and this gets me excited as their teacher. 

Our district was fortunate to have Alan November speak to parents and staff about the importance of teaching our children how to use the internet with purpose and so much more. I left his sessions wanting to know more and how I could better myself as an educator to help my students even at an early age, to use the internet with intent and purpose. It is never too late to teach children proper digital skills. "Students need teachers now more than ever", his exact words and I truly believe this especially at the higher levels of learning. Let us always put kids first and foster the love of learning together. Next week, I will share some very cool tools and apps that you may be able to integrate in your classroom.